Changing Courses Mid-Career? How You Can Revamp Your Resume

Staying with a single company for your entire career can allow you to advance in ways not always possible through lateral inter-company transfers -- in fact, more CEO jobs than ever before are being won by inside candidates, suggesting that the scale often tips toward employee loyalty when it comes to moving through the ranks. However, in some situations, you may find yourself reaching your own advancement ceiling at a relatively young age, either through the lack of formal education or certifications needed to be hired to perform your boss's job or through specialization in a niche area that limits your employment prospects.

If you've decided to change career courses after working your way from the ground up at a single employer, you may find the resume creation process to be even more challenging than expected. Read on for some tips and tricks to revamp your resume when changing the focus of your career after years (or decades) at a single employer, as well as some situations in which you may want to invest in some additional resources.

What should you keep in mind when creating a new resume after working your way up at one company?

When your post-college or post-high school employment history consists of a single company, your resume may look slightly different even from a formatting perspective. However, those who have held multiple roles will be able to outline each in much the same way as would be used for different jobs at different companies. 

It's important to keep skill transfer in mind whenever crafting a resume that you're hoping to use to shift courses in your career. Showing a new employer that you've been able to utilize the same problem-solving or people-managing skills in several areas can give them confidence you'll be able to meet the needs of a new job, even if it's not necessarily in your current area of expertise.

When may you want to seek outside help in revamping your resume and employment goals? 

If you find yourself stuck in the resume-writing process or don't have many trusted (and articulate) friends, family members, or colleagues who can look over your resume and provide you with some actionable advice, it can sometimes be worthwhile to invest in a professional resume-writing service. These services work with you to tease out your most transferable skills and abilities so that you'll be able to market yourself in a number of areas. Often, when changing careers, it can be best to have several resumes tailored to different industries rather than a single more generic resume.

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