A Property Condition Assessment To Aid In A Commercial Purchasing Decision

A property condition assessment will reveal the integrity of various building supplies and utility hookups will ensure that a building is safe to occupy, and will determine what types of upgrades will aid in making a rental property more profitable. Before purchasing a highrise building that is located downtown, contact a consultant to aid in performing a thorough inspection and cost analysis.

What You See May Be Only Part Of The Reality

Looks can be deceiving and a commercial property that is being sold for a price that is lower than the market value could be due to some serious problems that need to be addressed within a building's confines.

The likelihood of incurring a problematic property may not always come to fruition, but it is in your best interest to cover all aspects associated with the construction of the property that interests you, any past renovations or ones that are needed presently the condition of internal systems, and the status of the plot of land that the building is located on.

When you are guaranteed to be purchasing a safe and stable building, you can confidently rent units to residential tenants and will have peace of mind, knowing that your tenants will be supplied with a solid living area to thrive in.

The Conditions Can Be Improved

During the assessment, the interior and exterior parts of the structure will be inspected, for craftsmanship and signs of damage. Electrical components, a heating, and central air system, and plumbing will be checked, to ensure that each system has been installed according to local code requirements. If minor repair work would aid in getting the place in liveable order, you can request a cost analysis, which will compare how much you may be able to currently charge for rent, in comparison to what you could charge if upgrades are performed.

There could be many reasons why the property was put on the market and you should acquire a detailed history that pertains to the previous owners, to help you determine if the building was once used to house many small businesses, one entity, or a group of residents.

When you have an idea of how some upgrades can improve the appearance and functionality of the structure, you may be more ambitious to bid on the property and compile a list of materials that will aid in beautifying the building and land or performing upgrades that will increase the longevity of building materials or integral systems, such as the plumbing and electric. 

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