Fire Inspections And Fire Stops To Reduce Hazards In Buildings After Completing Renovations

Many upgrades can be done to buildings during renovations. Fire prevention improvements are important for any renovation project you are planning. Fire prevention can include upgrading materials, installing fire suppression systems, and adding fire stops where they are needed. The following third-party fire inspection information will ensure that these improvements are made correctly when doing renovations:

Using the correct materials for fire stops

The fire stops installed in buildings have to be fire-resistant materials. Therefore, materials like wood and other flammable products cannot be used unless they have a fire-retardant treatment. The most common materials used for fire stops include:

  • Fire-rated plywood products with special fire-retardant treatments
  • Metal materials with special fire-resistant coatings to stop flames
  • Synthetic composites that are designed to resist high temperatures

These are the most common materials used for fire stops. In addition to using fire-resistant materials, the cracks around fire stops also need to be sealed with fireproof caulking or spray foams to prevent drafts and air currents.

Understanding where fire stops are needed

Before the fire stops can be installed, it is important to understand where to install them in the building you are renovating. First, fire stops prevent drafts from causing dangerous conditions that allow flames to spread quickly. It is important to study the airflow currents in building designs. The fire stops are often needed in areas where there is unfinished space that flames can travel through, such as a boxed area for mechanical installations like HVAC ductwork.

Installing fire suppression systems in the right areas

In addition to fire stops, your building may also need fire suppression systems to stop flames. The fire suppression systems should be installed in vulnerable areas like kitchens where fires commonly start, as well as in areas that are a designated escape route. Installing sprinklers or other suppression systems for your escape route can help control fire while people are trying to escape the building safely.

Study air currents and create an escape plan for fires

Flames need to have air to spread, and they will follow currents to keep a building burning. Therefore, it is important to study the building to know how a fire will spread. This will tell you where fire stops need to be installed, as well as help you develop a safe escape plan for evacuation of the building.

Third-party fire inspection services will tell you to ensure that improvements with renovations are made correctly. Call a fire inspection service for more information. 

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