Tips For Having Potential Hires Perform Pre-Employment Aptitude Tests

If you plan on hiring employees to work for your business, then you could be wondering about the different things that you can and should do during the screening and hiring process. One thing that you might consider is having your potential employees take pre-employment aptitude tests. As someone who follows this advice, you're sure to improve your hiring process when using pre-employment aptitude tests.

Understand Why Pre-Employment Aptitude Testing Is Worth It

You might think that your current hiring process is pretty good — even without a requirement for potential hires to take a pre-employment aptitude test — so you could be wondering if it's actually necessary for you to require these tests. However, pre-employment aptitude tests are a good thing for many reasons. 

For instance, it's a good way to narrow down candidates, such as if you have received a lot of applications or resumes for one position but if you're struggling to figure out who you should hire. Likewise, it helps you be sure that you are hiring employees who are capable of doing the job that will be required of them.

Pre-employment aptitude tests also help you hire productive employees more efficiently. Further, these tests are a good way to make sure that applicants are actually committed to the hiring process and the job at hand.

Understand There Are Different Types of Tests

There are different types of pre-employment aptitude tests. As such, it's important to keep this in mind so that you can choose the test that is most relevant and applicable for the industry that you're in and the type of job that you are hiring for. Physical ability tests might be a good idea for positions in which employees will be required to do a lot of heavy lifting. Conversely, skills assessment tests can be used to test the capability of potential employees who are being considered for job positions that require special skills such as management. Integrity tests can help you screen out employees who might be dishonest. Consider the skills and traits that you expect from new employees so that you can then choose the right pre-employment aptitude tests.

Have Testing Done By an Outside Service

You probably will not want to create your own pre-employment aptitude tests since this can be rather challenging. Instead, you will probably want to use a service that creates and performs this type of testing. Then, you won't have to worry about the burden yourself, and you can make sure that this testing is done properly on each job candidate.

For more information, contact a company that provides pre-employment aptitude testing.

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