Improving Your Building's Fire Safety

Commercial buildings will have extreme fire safety needs that need to be met. In addition to complying with local fire and building codes, effective fire safety can also reduce the risk of your company suffering catastrophic damage as a result of a fire.

Firestops Serve An Essential Role In Protecting Your Building 

When a fire starts, slowing it as much as possible can significantly limit the damage that can occur as it will buy time for the fire suppression systems to activate or for first responders to arrive. Unfortunately, there may be small gaps around pipes or other conduits that go through the walls. These small openings can allow a fire to spread to other areas of the building. By having a fire stop installed in these areas, you can block the fire from using these openings to spread quickly.

A Firestop Should Be Inspected Before Buying A Building And On A Regular Basis

Due to the critical role that a firestop will play in the safety of your building, it is important to ensure that this part of the building is in good condition. This is especially true when you are buying a new building. Otherwise, the structure may have fire vulnerabilities that you do not notice until it is too late. In addition to having this assessment done when you are buying a building, it is also worthwhile to hire a firestop inspection service to assess these parts of your structure on a regular basis. Without this type of assessment, gaps or other issues with the firestop could potentially arise over time. Luckily, these inspections will not be particularly lengthy, which can make it much easier to include them in your pre-purchase assessment of a building as well as its ongoing maintenance needs.

Problems With The Firestop Need To Be Repaired

Whenever there is a problem with the firestop, repairs will be needed as soon as possible. A mistake that people can make is failing to recognize the urgency of repairing issues with this part of their building. However, failing to take decisive action to repair these problems can significantly increase the fire risk for the structure. Considering that you will be unable to predict when a fire may start, quick repairs can be essential. Fortunately, repairing or replacing a compromised firestop is not a particularly costly type of work to have done. A professional firestop repair contractor will also have the tools to quickly complete the process of removing the damaged firestop and installing a new one in its place.

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