2 Benefits Of Hiring A Service To Care For Your Parent With Early-Stage Dementia At Home

If your elderly parent has early-stage dementia, you may be trying to take care of them at home but are starting to feel overwhelmed. Although you may not want to do so, you may be thinking about placing your loved ones in a facility where they can be cared for when you are not around.

However, if you are still able to care for your parent at least part-time and they can perform some of their own care themselves, you may want to consider using a caregiver service. There are a couple of benefits of hiring a service to care for your parent at home instead of placing them in a facility.

1. Being Taken Care of at Home Allows the Caregiver to Adjust to Your Parent's Schedule

One benefit of keeping your parent at home and having a caregiver come in to assist with their care is that your loved one can keep their own schedules and routines. At a facility, your parent would need to adjust to their routines surrounding mealtimes, bedtime, and activities.

Especially with early-stage dementia, however, it is important for your loved one to keep routines and schedules that are familiar to them. When you have a caregiver come into your home, they can develop a personalized care plan that will revolve around routines already set by you and your parent.

2. Keeping Your Parent in Their Home and Surrounded by Their Own Possessions Can Help Trigger Their Memories

Another benefit of hiring a caregiver service to take care of your parent with early-stage dementia is that it keeps them home and surrounded by their own possessions. Especially if your loved one becomes confused easily, suddenly placing them in unfamiliar surroundings could be detrimental to maintaining their memories.

However, if they are allowed to remain at home, they will be surrounded by furniture, pictures, and family that help to trigger their memories. You can even show the caregiver certain items that are especially special to your parent that can help trigger a reaction or help to soothe them when they become confused.

When your parent has early-stage dementia, having someone come in to care for them at home allows them to maintain their own schedule and routine instead of having to conform to an unfamiliar one at a facility. It also keeps your loved one in their home and surrounded by their own possessions which can help to trigger memories. If you would like to learn more about having someone come in to care for your parent, contact a senior caregiver service in your area, such as Senior Resource Advisors, to speak with a consultant.

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