5 Ways To Get The Most From Using Staffing Services

Staffing services are an important tool for many businesses. If you need staffing help, you'll want to get the most from the investment. Here are five ways to maximize the benefits of staffing services.

Establish a Strong Relationship with an Agency

Agencies want to place people in roles. Even if the roles are short-term, the ability to confidently place people with a particular company means a lot to everyone involved. A staffing services provider can develop a sense of your needs and who fits them best once you've developed a relationship. Communicate with the staffing company so they understand where your company is at and what its needs are.

Strongly Define Needs

Yes, some companies flat-out just need bodies to fill jobs. Even in those cases, giving a little thought to what those folks will do in those roles will make a major difference. Define job roles clearly. Provide specific requirements for the roles, but try to differentiate between must-have and nice-to-have qualifications. Clearly defining your firm's needs will reduce the risk of spinning the staffing carousel with candidates that don't fit well.

Be Clear About Long-Term Prospects

People who come into companies from staffing firms understand that jobs might not always be long-term prospects. If you only need people for a couple of months due to seasonal business conditions, make sure everyone knows that. If you're open to hiring people full-time if they work out well, you can say as much, too. However, only hang long-term opportunities out there if you're confident that's where your company is going with the hiring process. When in doubt, say and offer less until you're sure.

Provide Training, Support, and Experience

Even if someone is filling a mundane role in a fundamentally low-value job, try to give the person as much benefit from it as possible. Provide sufficient training and support so they can succeed. Likewise, try to provide experience. Especially if they're only going to work with you for a stint, the best thing you can give them is occupational experience and good references. Staffing services firms will appreciate the effort and come back to your company with good candidates in the future if they can depend on you.

Communicate Well and Offer Feedback to the Staffing Company

It can be tough to spend the time to communicate well and offer feedback if you're already scrambling to fill jobs. However, even small notes about how candidates are matching with roles can help the company understand your needs. If certain candidates aren't working out, the agency can look for patterns and send better matches.

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